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Field Workforce Management


Track 3rd Party Suppliers

Data Analytics

Gain clarity and insights into your Organization’s  contractors, Sub-contractors and 3rd Party Suppliers from tasks to tracking large project management goals.

Schedule deliverable tasks on your mobile devices. Receive inspection data with photo/image confirmation, signature inputs and non-compliance notifications.

Faster Reporting

Monitor & Track

Oil & Gas

Integrate Systems for Data Analytics

Ship Checks

Document Traceability

Ship Shore Inspections

Save Time

Renewable Energy

Preventive Maintenance

Power Plant

Help Prevent Unplanned Outages

E-Delivery Note

Truck Terminal

Optimizing the value Chain

ENERGY and Renewables

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Global Primary Energy Consumption.

Renewable Energy
$ 0 B


Global investments in parallel with falling costs in wind and Solar.


Solar PV

Solar PV cost approximately $0.046/kWh. Onshore wind at $0.05/kWh.

Smart Grid Technologies

Towards Clean ENERGY

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Implement carbon emissions Reporting