Sustainability Cultures


Preventive Maintenance

Expert Knowledge

Create sharing opportunities on Chektec’s platform with experienced team members involved in training, skills knowledge, to inform and distribute years of know-how quickly and efficiently with photos, manuals, videos and much more.

Preventive Maintenance

Smart Workforce

Leading Cause of Unscheduled Downtime
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Turning To Preventive Maintenance
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Most Training Staff Received In This Area
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As workforce requirements shift, 3rd party suppliers, contractors, joint venture operations are viewed on an integrated dashboard in almost real-time.

Chektec’s mobile-first strategy enhances efficiencies in reporting and sharing tasks for collecting massive amounts of critical and valuable data, while monitoring non-compliance issues.

Asset Tracking

Maintenance of machinery and assets reflect history of checks and inspections.

Action Tracking

Corrective Action of each specific task assignnment is tracked until resolution and closure of non-compliance.